The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology establishes a foundation for participants to co-exist in a creative space. The SBCAST founders believe that Art, Science and Technology are intertwined. Fully creative, innovative, environments can be constructed by recognizing and embracing the links between these areas. The ability to innovate, supported by a motivating environment, is encouraged when needed resources are present. SBCAST resources include community presence, communication facilitation, physical infrastructure and tools. The SBCAST founders believe that working collaborations, among typical “Cylinders of Excellence”, are required to solve vexing problems of human endeavor.

What is SBCAST?

The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology (SBCAST) supports Artist/Scientist/Technologist collaborations to encourage new fusion models of interaction for design, development and research.  SBCAST encourages educational and public outreach components to further public understanding of Art, Science and Technology through a new window provided by their juxtaposition in a creative environment.

SBCAST is a live/work creative design and development community located in downtown Santa Barbara. The community consists of full-time, accomplished, working “multi-disciplinary” residents who focus on the juxtaposition of art, science and technology. The intent of SBCAST is to provide a shared creative environment to promote thought and action.

Poster with montage of exterior and interior images of SBCAST




SBCAST Construction - Spring 2015

SBCAST Construction - Summer 2015

SBCAST Construction - Fall 2015


  • 2016: SBCAST Grand Opening
    Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology