Pyro is an art car, vaguely characteristic of an Afgan Jingle Truck and Philippino Jeepney. It’s a social vehicle, that supports a bar, two long serving tables, two lounges, aerial rig, fire effects, sound system and programmable LED lighting.

PyroBar is early, informal, crowd-sourced, collaborative art project. The current PyroBar effort was conceived by Mark Goerner and Corinna Maharani, with a collaborative team of operatives:

Siobhan Destino, Justin Harmon, Zach Rosen, John Lawrence, Jon Smith, Dominque Reboul, Michael Peak, Paul Schurch, Alan Macy, Kelly Johnson and numerous other artists from Fishbon and the world-at-large.

Project roots planted by Clandestino, circa 1999.

On the Beauty of Flame - Plotinus: AD 204-270, Ennead I.6 / Translated by Stephen MacKenna

The beauty of colour is also the outcome of a unification: it derives from shape, from the conquest of the darkness inherent in Matter by the pouring-in of light, the unembodied, which is a Rational-Principle and an Ideal-Form.
Hence it is that Fire itself is splendid beyond all material bodies, holding the rank of Ideal-Principle to the other elements, making ever upwards, the subtlest and sprightliest of all bodies, as very near to the unembodied; itself alone admitting no other, all the others penetrated by it: for they take warmth but this is never cold; it has colour primally; they receive the Form of colour from it: hence the splendour of its light, the splendour that belongs to the Idea. And all that has resisted and is but uncertainly held by its light remains outside of beauty, as not having absorbed the plenitude of the Form of colour.


Heartbeats and Propane

Flame Effects Testing