Pyro is an art car, vaguely characteristic of an Afgan Jingle Truck and Philippino Jeepney. It’s a social vehicle, that supports a bar, two long serving tables, two lounges, aerial rig, fire effects, sound system and programmable LED lighting.

PyroBar is early, informal, crowd-sourced, collaborative art project. The current PyroBar effort was conceived by Mark Goerner and Corinna Maharani, with a collaborative team of operatives:

Siobhan Destino, Justin Harmon, Zach Rosen, John Lawrence, Jon Smith, Dominque Reboul, Michael Peak, Paul Schurch, Alan Macy, Kelly Johnson and numerous other artists from Fishbon and the world-at-large.

Project roots planted by Clandestino, circa 1999.


Heartbeats and Propane

Flame Effects Testing