Plume Cathedra

Biomimicry of the bird. Inspiration and expiration, affecting balance, is commuted to the movement of feathered wings. Energy to counter gravity cycles with breath as indicated by white feather plumes. The cathedra’s center of mass shifts with the movement of air through the lungs.

Participants sit in the chair and it begins to move its large feather wings in concert with the participant’s breath. On inspiration, the wings open wide. On expiration, the wings gently close. By sensing changes in the center of gravity, the chair reflects the breathing patterns of the participant.

The chair incorporates sensors, analog electronics, haptics and actuators. The feather wings capture the complete nuances of breath via gentle motion and reflected light.


Plume Cathedra

Plume Cathedra at Lotusland Santa Barbara


  • 2015: Flock – Birds on the Brink
    Lotus Land, Santa Barbara, CA