Macy Cornerstone


Macy Cornerstone is a property and infrastructure development, support and management organization oriented to supporting non-profit art organizations, arts-education, art projects and individual artists in Santa Barbara, California.  Macy Cornerstone offerings include rent assistance, studio space, large-scale fabrication space and utilities.


SBAXIS – Santa Barbara Arts Axis

The Santa Barbara Arts Axis is an incubator for the arts.  SBAXIS provides complementary infrastructure to support piece and project development efforts.

Established 2022 (estimate)

SBCAST – Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology

The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology will support Artist/Scientist/Technologist collaborative connections to encourage new fusion models of interaction for design, development and research. The Center will also support both educational and public outreach components to further public understanding of Art, Science and Technology through a new window provided by their juxtaposition in a creative environment.

Established 2016

Flamesculptures – Digital Media, Web-based, Archive for Flame Sculptures

This archive primarily focuses on flame sculpture work associated with the Fishbon and Enclave Arts Collaboratives.

Established 2009

Heartbeat Amplifier – Art Project

The associated website describes the genesis point where the Heartbeat Amplifier (v1.0) came to initial life and references some of the evolutionary paths taken by projects that were inspired by v1.0.

Established 2009

Pescadrome – Art Studio

Pescadrome is a three story industrial space that provides infrastructure to support four, Santa Barbara based, arts and arts-education organizations:  Fishbon Arts Collaborative, Elevated Dreams, Lucidity Festival and Wild Arts Collective.  As a whole, these organizations have contributed positively to many thousands of Santa Barbara residents.

Established 2007