Fire Snakes

Fire Snakes is a biomimetic, cybernated sculpture. The writhing collection of snakes move in a chaotic fashion and are clearly part of a family. If a snake loses its flame, it’s quickly relit by another family member. Fire Snakes premiered at Xara, 2005.


FireSnakes closeup

FireSnakes at the Crucible 2007


  • 2013: Fire Sculpture Festival
    Santa Barbara, CA

  • 2009: Lucent L’Amour
    Los Angeles, CA

  • 2009: International Dairy Cooperative
    Santa Barbara, CA

  • 2007: Crucible Fire Arts Festival
    Oakland, CA

  • 2006: Black Rock Arts Foundation Fire Arts Exhibition
    San Francisco, CA

  • 2005: San Diego Decom
    San Diego, CA

  • 2005: LA Decom
    Los Angeles, CA

  • 2005: Xara
    Dulzura, CA