Emotional Affect Media Center

The Emotional Affect Media Center (EAMC) is a pop-up psychophysiology laboratory designed for the purposes of measuring emotional affect simultaneously with any presented media.  The EAMC is modular and cascadable. Four participants can be measured simultaneously during media exposure. The presented media can be the same, or different, across participants. EAMC modular cubicle blocks come in groups of four. Accordingly, EAMC Systems can be configured for 4, 8, 12, 16, etc. simultaneous participants.

Each EAMC includes everything needed to setup a fully functioning psychophysiology laboratory anywhere in the world.  All equipment, cabling, computers, transducers, disposable electrodes, tables, chairs, partitions are provided.  Instructions are included that describe system setup, however, BIOPAC can perform this work too.  The EAMC is easily shipped anywhere, domestically or internationally, and can be setup in any room 6 meters by  7 meters, or larger.  The system requires one standard mains power outlet to operate.

The standard EAMC measures are corrugator, zygomaticus, electrocardiogram and electrodermal activity. Measures can be significantly extended, to support up to 16 different physiology metrics from each participant, as required. The core measurements constitute a baseline, affective state, assessment in accordance with James A. Russell’s description of the Circumplex Model of Affect in 1980. This work has been cited roughly 10,000 times.

The Circumplex Model of Affect asserts that indexed physiological measures can be assigned to feelings, such as pleasure, displeasure, sleepiness and alarm. Corrugator and Zygomaticus are associated with Valence, which is the axis ranging from displeasure to pleasure. Electrodermal activity and Heart Rate are associated with Arousal, which is the axis ranging from sleepiness to alarm.

Since 1980, psychophysiologists have continue to evolve theory in regards to the assessment of feeling state, and so different (or additional) physiological variables may be required for evolving studies. This circumstance is easy to accommodate, as the EAMC is compatible with BIOPAC’s full range of research physiological amplifiers.

There are six cubicles in each EAMC. There is one control cubical, consisting of the data collection computer(s), display screens, intercom and media distribution hub. There is one preparation cubicle, consisting of adjustable stools, medical-type cabinet and easy-to-follow visual instruction panels indicating application methodology for electrode and transducers to participants. There are four participant cubicles, consisting of curved OLED, high resolution monitors, over-the-ear headphones with mics, side table consoles, and adjustable, comfortable recliners. All electrode and transducer connections are piped to each participant cubicle.

Initially, the participant has the appropriate disposable electrodes attached, by the facilitator, in the preparation cubicle. When ready, the individual is guided to the appropriate participant cubicle, where they are seated in the recliner. Leads are attached to electrodes and then the headphones are placed. The facilitator settles each participant into their cubicle and then starts the media presentation, after confirming general readiness.

All participant data is recorded on a computer and is displayed as graphical data in real-time , in conjunction with the media video. After the experiment, the media and the recording are still linked so any evaluation of graphical data moves to the respective point in the media (video) file, and vice-versa.

The EAMC is based on BIOPAC’s research data acquisition hardware and software. The EAMC software (ACK) includes real-time and post-processing based algorithms to extract actionable vectors from the collected physiologic data. This equipment has been utilized in over 30,000 life science research publications. The EAMC foundation is strong and stable. The EAMC is optimized for the highest quality data recordings and employs ruggedized hardware.


EAMC Control Cubicle Clip