Ambient Vision Interactive Art Installation

Ambient Vision by Yuan-Yi Fan.

Ambient Vision is an interactive audiovisual installation that addresses rippled mental images as the product of perceived external stimulus and internal bodily responses.

The audiovisual representation that audience experience in Ambient Vision is reconstructed and synthesized in real time based on 3D information from Kinect sensor and modulated by heart rate data from custom biometric iPhone app. Ambient Vision explores artistic and aural representation of the rippled mental images. Audience experience Ambient Vision by situating themselves within the sensing range of Kinect sensor and transmitting their heart rate data using iPhone app to the server via WiFi.

Type: installation

Media: Microsoft Kinect, OpenFrameworks, Biopac MP150 with Bionomadix wearable physiology system

Capacity: 1 participant

Duration: varies

Dimension: varies

Version I: Installation at Collider4:Spectacle, Akron, Ohio, USA, 2012

Acknowledgement: Alan Macy for equipment support

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